Wednesday, January 27, 2010


life is screwed,we are all shrewed
Taking at lifelike,apounce on the shoal
Eyes do not suffice,to reach the so called goal

Pretend to sit back,as if tired;But who knows what is being conspired!
The silent river runs deep.BE CAREFUL DAHLING!
the journey is steep.

Monday, January 18, 2010


" जिन जख्मो को वक़्त भर चला है .......तुम उनको क्यों छेड़े जा रहे हो.........."
आज फिर यादों की शाखों से कुछ पत्ते हलके से गिर रहे हैं। इनकी सरसराहट धीमी हैं पर शायद सन्नाटे में नज़रंदाज़ किया नहीं जा सका । होता हैं ऐसा अक्सर की अगर जान भी लो की ये बेरुखी .....ये वीरानी हमेशा यूँ ही नहीं रहेगी ....लेकिन.... दिल को कौन समझाए ?ये तो बस बहाती चली जाती हैं अपनी भावनावो के सागर।
सोचती हैं ...काश होता ऐसा की ये पत्ते उन जड़ों की तरह होते जो जीवन की कलियाँ और टहनिया खिलाती ....फैलाती है।नकारते नहीं हम इसे, की इनकी हरियाली ने दो टुक छाव दी थी ,कभी धुप में ।होगी वही सुकून की सांस जो अब भी ढूंढते हैं हम बेवज़ह । कभी खुद से नाराज़ भी हो लेते हैं, ये सोच कर की क्यूँ नहीं रोका ....मना ....बहला .....फुसलाकर.... ???!!!पर ये तो ऋतू के इशारे पर थे ,इशारा हुआ और हमें तनहा कर चल दिए।
हाँ मगर इस सूखे उजड़े पत्ते पर छोड़ गए वो अपना रंग.....बंजर ही सही। खानाबदोश इन पत्तों को चले हम दिल की किताब में छुपाकर.....यादों के जंगल गूंज रहे हैं.....अब हमे चलते जाना हैं।

रेखाओं का खेल है मुक्कदर .................रेखाओं से मात खा रहे हो । तुम इतना जो मुस्कुरा रहे हो........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"tragedy of the simple,yet so attractive;so enlightening,yet so cool;so moving but so sill;so quite but so popular;so romantic but................always single"

Dark was the night...fearful and treacherous.She peeped through her silver lining-reviving the naughty spirits!
She was in the shadows till then...she knew she was the pheonix....she struggled with the clouds...she fought with her mother and got her,theSun,by her side!playfully she would reveal inch by inch of hers...and elude by her mother's side when a lover's eye would be moist.

Crescent she became,shining and soothing the Holy one's rage....
She caught many's attention as she passed through her phases.....she was an elusive beauty-she was sought after.....

Then she found someone with whom she could reflect and even being a distant watch,she united with the one.It was ever changing as she was and still it was there as she would be.There was the inevitable truth of her life.....the unspoken promise she made.They waited for ages to be by each other's side.She followed it wherever it went....they were together in the dew,they were together in the ocean.

The poet by the riverside peeped through the clouds the love between the the mystical lonely night ,he witnessed the two mngle in the love that was so true and talked about it throughout the valleys.And in the valleys was where the doves heard about it....So mesmerised were they by this love story that they sang it to the wind and oh!the wind carried it far and wide to the deserted barren lands.

The whole earth rejoiced and celebrated in this timeless ritual of love.She was full of promises ....she was so proud and in her pride of herself, she swayed with her the "tide".She was now fulfilled and round did she become.The more she shined,her astouding beauty became pronounced.

With each tide between them did closer they become.Then suddenly did he discover that she wasn't perfect....she was specked and she was spotted.But she was accepted cause her love was true and graceful.

ALAS!She lamented now of letting herself be so close ,to let her beloved know that she was imperfect,she was humbled by the divinity of love but she was remorsed by her pride!!
Now she retreated to her shell...inch by inch...a part of her begging to stay...a part ready to depart.Her beloved was restless and still desperate to convince that love lies in acceptance and that is where it attains perfection.But now it was too late.He wondered everywhere looking for her and she!she burned herself at the stake.

Yet love always finds a way...she rises from the ashes and sparkles in the dark and he again rushes to her and ignites the flow of love!And the story thus proceeds of discovering the truth...the love that remains the same just like the moon and her beloved and showers all with the limelight ,mystic presence of "eternity".