Monday, January 17, 2011


You , only you, were the one to touch my heart like never before
Distant from me,yet very dear to my heart.I could never let you go.

You were....
with me when I cried,with me when I smiled
with me in the world so wide,with me when the night shied.
I felt you in my imaginations,kept you in my inspirations.
In the advent of spring,in the quite of autumn:
You were with me....within me.

This is all but passable thing,but you will always be the one
on whom I would linger the most
People come and people go,thats true with you too
But the circle of your presence you make felt time and again
Its compelling in itself.

And yet when I write this......
the song you sang for me is being played in the radio!
I may not be residing in your memories as you do in every instance of mine
But I do not lament cause having you on my mind ,I see,is enough and fine.

Some call it insane,some say its just illusion
and I desperately hope it to be so
but funnily I want it to be untrue too!

We were the closest at one time and at others we were mere acquaintances.

In the whirlwind of my mind,though,you remain to be a string that tugs at my heart and I knot and straighten it at my own will......